November 14, 2019


JUST SAY THANKS – Some mornings when I am having my Time Alone With God (TAWG), I find myself praying about things that I/we Americans often take for granted.  Perhaps one reason I am reminded to be thankful for these things is that I have been privileged to be in many countries and realize that things we take for granted would be a luxury for so many in the world. 

I am thankful for a roof over my head to keep me dry from the rain and shaded from the sun.

I am thankful for doors that provide privacy and security – that can be locked to give me peace on the inside that others will be kept on the outside.

I am thankful for my bed, mattress, sheets and blankets.  The bed keeps me off the floor, the mattress helps care for my back, the sheets and blankets provide warmth.

I am thankful for clothes – and I have too many.  Well, they don’t all fit at the same time (smiling), but I have cooler clothes for summer, warmer clothes for winter, dress clothes, casual clothes, work clothes. It is almost embarrassing how many shirts I have accumulated while many people in the world feel blessed to have one.

I am thankful for HVAC units.  In the summer, the AC keeps me from burning up and helps me be able to sleep at night.  In the winter, the heat keeps my teeth from chattering and makes life comfortable.

I am thankful for water and running water and hot water.  I take it so for granted and even complain that at our house it takes forever for the hot water to get from the tank to the kitchen sink – I’m pretty sure it travels to Greenville on the way to the kitchen.  I remember that kid (maybe 5 years old) in Haiti lugging that 2-3 gallon jug up the mountain.  Water carried so far is certainly treasured more than that gotten from a spigot.

I am thankful for shoes.  They protect my feet on gravel and acorns.  They keep my feet warm.  They make walking much more enjoyable.  They protect my feet from injury.

I am thankful for food.  I can get whatever I want.  I don’t have to go hungry.  I don’t have to spend my day simply trying to get enough to survive or keep my family from starving.  I need to remember this on Thanksgiving Day and not complain of being too full.  Way too many people have never experienced full. 

I challenge you – this Thanksgiving Season – seriously THANK GOD FOR THE THINGS YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED.  Thank him often.  Thank him sincerely.  And don’t just say thanks to God.  Say it to others who have been kind to you.  Demonstrate your gratitude by paying it forward, helping someone else in need.

THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOE BOXES.  You have a couple of days to complete filling them.  Pray over them for the unknown child who will find joy in opening it and then hear that Jesus loves them and gave us his best gift – his Son Jesus.  BRING THEM TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY AND PLACE THEM AT THE FRONT OF THE CHURCH BY THE ALTAR.  We will pray over them during the service.

I am thankful for you too.  See you Sunday. 

You are loved!
Pastor Mark

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